Glenn Power Waving for Wellbeing Sign Gone S

KEEP WAVING – Visitors to Tailem said that our Waving for Wellbeing sign was still looking sad, broken and waving in the wind. So, with tape in hand, we went to fix it and it’s gone – only a few cable ties left lying on the ground. The question now is “Do we want a more permanent sign” remember we’ve been recognised on national Television as the Friendliest Town in Australia.

Photograph by Rachael Hakim


Waving back in Gawler

Glenn Power CR_BUNKHOUSE_ S 1255

John Scott and Peter Williams’s trades assistant, Gary Hall of Gawler, waves while putting final touches on one of the bathrooms, prior to painting, at Tailem Bend’s latest accommodation venture, the “Bunkhouse” Tuesday June 27, 2017.

“I recon your ‘Gidday – Waving for Wellbeing’ project is a beauty, we all use to wave in the country – I’m going to start spreading the waves back home in my home town of Gawler,” Gary said.

Image courtesy of Coorong Realty.

Tidal Wave of Waving Heading for Tailem

2017286 Glenn Power_TBH_OTT_MEETING_1260

Waving – Bob Shurville of Tailem Bend, wearing his personally made “Gidday – Wave for Wellbeing” t-shirt with his photo bobbing mate, Don Green of Tailem Bend, as their Tailem Bend Historian group begins to ride the town’s nationally recognised “Gidday – Wave for Wellbeing” tidal wave, Old Tailem Town, Wednesday June 28, 2017.


Beginning as a humble, simple mental health initiative, after an address by a community member at a local Lions meeting late last year, Tailem Bend’s infectious “Gidday – Wave for Wellbeing” campaign has touched the hearts of millions around Australia.

With the support of the town’s local magazine “Tailem Topics, Fairfax Media’s Murray Valley Standard, ABC Radio Adelaide, the Seven Network’s local Adelaide “Today Tonight” and national “Sunrise” morning program (Along with more recent radio stations, magazines and newspapers) the campaign committee is planning on holding a community meeting to see how they can defend their reported “Australia’s Friendliest Town” title as a waving tidal wave from other communities heads towards their town.

20170629_Glenn Power TT_EDITOR_BARBIE_POWER_ S 3612

Tailem Topics Editor, Barbie Power of Tailem Bend, proudly holding an issue of her town’s popular magazine that launched the town’s “Gidday – Wave for Wellbeing” campaign.


With so many affected by the effects of suicide and forms of depression, volunteer and Editor of Tailem Topics, Barbie Power of Tailem Bend, has been deeply moved and heartened by the amount of support.

“We started waving when out and about and my husband Glenn, a keen photographer, decided to take some photos to publish in the Community’s magazine and on Facebook – it’s been amazing how the campaign has taken off.”

“Looking back, I suppose, it’s no wonder that this simple campaign has captured so many hearts.” “So many in our communities have been affected in one way or another by suicide and it is a real challenge for our Town’s committee to take on such an emotionally charged and wide spread issue.” Barbie said.

With suicide prevention high on all community leader’s agendas, the group has definitely hit a raw nerve with their painless, low cost way of engaging the community.

Essentially waving and saying “Gidday” gives anyone the excuse to converse without feeling like an extravert and it definitely brings others out of their shell – helping them feel a part of their community.

If you would like to lend your support, phone 0413 645 099 or email Glenn Power on

Like all great ideas it’s simple, you just have to wave  – preferably with a smile and a “Good-Day” and it will not cost you a cent.

2017286 Glenn Power_TBH_OTT_MEETING_7184

Saying “Gidday”, the Tailem Bend Historians (Peter Squires, Angie Tomkinson, Geraldine Dickson, Bob Shurville, Glenn Power, Doris Connolly, Helen Bowering, Peter Connolly and Don Green all of Tailem Bend)  sharing a “Wave for Wellbeing” after their June meeting and watching interesting 1940 News Reels at the Wonderview Cinema, Old Tailem Town, June 28, 2017.

It’s Official


It’s official, Tailem Bend is the friendliest town in Australia – well it’s been on TV, so it must be true.

Well maybe the friendliest in Australia may be a stretch, but Barbie and I both think our little Tailem Bend is a mighty friendly place to live – so many talented people in one town is truly remarkable, Music Hall “Magic” is on soon – can’t wait!