Volunteers Needed

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Our Wheels volunteers, Maxine Kiddie and Jill Rowe of Tailem Bend, collecting hot meals for delivery from Tracy Clapp of the Tailem Bend Hospital, Friday, July 20, 2018.


With so many citizens finding shopping for groceries and cooking for themselves tricky, Tailem Bend volunteers trust their Meals on Wheels AGM on Friday, August 3 at the Tailem Bend Hotel, will bring fresh helpers to the fold. 

Quietly delivering nourishing meals for well over 39 years, Tailem Bend volunteers, Maxine Kiddie and Jill Rowe, always pack a smile along with their meals and are always ready for a chat.

“It’s a wonderful feeling when you know your helping people live a life they choose – we all take living independently for granted until we can’t,” Maxine said. “Most prefer to live at home and I only have to find a few spare hours each month to help out – not being as mobile as you use to be shouldn’t be an obstacle to your independence.

Collecting meals (Monday to Friday) from the Tailem Bend Hospital at 11.30 am volunteers are normally on their way home by 1 pm.

“Every three-course meal is delivered hot, with a smile and we always make time for a quick chat,” Maxine said. “It’s coming up to 40 years of service for the Tailem Bend Branch and we can sure do with a few new members – it’s a lot of fun, you make a lot of new friends and it’s more than rewarding.”

Just knowing someone will drop by to say hello, changes the lives of many in our community and volunteers are crucial to the operation of every Meals on Wheels branch – no matter what an individual can offer, every bit of help adds up to a happier, healthier community.

To see how you can get involved contact the Tailem Bend Branch of Meals on Wheel by phoning Yvonne Whibley on 0405 970 804.

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Meals On Wheels volunteers, Jill Rowe and Maxine Kiddie of Tailem Bend, collecting hot meals for delivery from the Tailem Bend Hospital, Friday, July 20, 2018.