Battle Over Mallee

Unlike other State and Federal elections, it’s not compulsory to vote in South Australian Local Government council elections – however, council elections are by far the biggest single voluntary civic participation activity in the state.

With seven candidates contesting for four Councilor vacancies in the Coorong’s Mallee Ward the 2018 Council Elections are set to be extremely interesting and highly competitive – also in Tailem Topics distribution area, the Parks Ward with its two vacancies is looking a lot more foreseeable.

Road Cartoon

*Annimation – Joanne Frost of Ki Ki

Councilor nominations as at closing 12 noon, Tuesday, September 18, 2018;

Mallee Ward

  • Brenton David Qualmann of Tailem Bend
  • Donna Marie Middleton of Tailem Bend
  • Fiona Paech of Tailem Bend
  • Glynis Ann Taylor of Wellington East
  • Neville Ross Jaensch of Tailem Bend
  • Paul Edward Simmons of Coomandook
  • Peter Edward Wright of Wellington East

Parks Ward

  • Julie Barrie of Coonalpyn
  • Lisa Rowntree of Netherton

With so many rate payers demanding accountability and improved transparency from their Local Government, Tailem Topics asks the Mallee Ward candidates the following for publication on Social Media and in its November issue;

  • Do you support Rate Capping? If so, why – if not, why?
  • Given the Coorong District Council’s recent Federal Government reductions in road funding, what do you suggest the Coorong District Council should do to fund improvements and maintenance of roads in the District into the future?
  • If costs need to be trimmed by the Coorong District Council to meet Ratepayers requirements, what do you suggest needs to go?

Another important difference from State and Federal elections, is that all voting in council elections is done by post – so that means enrolled voters will receive a voting package through the mail and return their votes (In a reply-paid envelope) by no later than closing at 5pm on Friday, November 9, 2018.

“Government is at its worst when you have apathy from its citizens”. *Jesse Ventura

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