Nothing is Safe

With no place to hide, no subject taboo, Tailem Topic’s newest team member, Visual Artist, Joanne Frost of Ki Ki is looking forward to amusing and entertaining readers with her animated Coorong moments.

Born and raised a Ki Ki girl in South Australia’s Upper South East, Joanne came into the world at the Meningie and Districts Memorial Hospital in 1993 deciding very early that she was destined to become a cartoonist.

20180801_Glenn Power CR_COONALPYN_TINTINARA_TRIP_ S 7878

Developing a shrewd, discerning eye for subject matter at an early age, Joanne’s cartoon strips is set to draw readers into thought while putting a playful smile on their dial.

Joanne Frost One

“It didn’t take long to realize that I didn’t think like most. I was a pretty sharp tool in the shed, but I found it difficult to be useful – that’s until I stumbled across visual arts,” Joanne said. “Art allowed me to express my inner self and finally I felt useful – I’m at my happiest when I’m myself.”

“I’ve tried lots of things as a visual artist, but I really love it when one of my cartoons puts a smile on a face – there’s a lot of dark places out there.”

Focused on entertaining people with creative illustrations and local political commentary, Joanne is ready and willing to journey into formats like illustrated books, comic strips, graphic design, storyboards, posters and T-Shirts.

“I have a long bucket list, but right now it seems that I’m destined for a journey into comic strip creating,” Joanne laughed. “I don’t know how far I can go with my drawing, but I know I’ll be having a good time along the way.” 

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