Storm Boy – Opening Jan 2019

Storm Boy

The remake of Storm Boy, following its acquisition by Sony Pictures, opens January 10, 2019.

Based on the 1964 novel by South Australia, Colin Thiele, Storm Boy was adapted to film in 1976.

The new Storm Boy continues to follow a titular character, a young boy (Finn Little) growing up on the coastline of South Australia where he befriends three orphaned pelicans.

Forming a close bond with his new friends, Finn finds himself at odds with his fisherman father as his life takes an unexpected turn.

The remake and second Storm Boy movie is directed by Shawn Seet (Director of television shows such as Deep Water, The Code and episodes of Underbelly) is written by Justin Monjo (Writer of Jungle Spear and, the ABC series, The Secret Daughter) and has a talented cast including Geoffrey Rush, Jai Courtney and a cameo performance by David Gulpilil.

*Foot Note – Mr Percival, the real-life pelican who starred in the original film lived for 35 years before passing away in the Adelaide Zoo in 2009.

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