Mad Rush

With the Australian Supercar circus arriving in Tailem Bend this month on August 26, community leaders and groups of volunteers frantically rush to put the finishing touches on their adopted town beautification projects.

Some smaller Guerilla Gardening projects have been secretively completed under the radar of watchful eyes with larger transformation projects being adopted by established service groups – with wonderful outcomes.


With the support of materials from the Coorong District Council, volunteers are overhauling the forgotten and neglected Tailem Bend Bush Tucker & Wildflower Garden and also embellishing the gardens surrounding the towns Tailem Info Station.


Shell Tailem Bend staff have taken it upon themselves to attempt to improve the Main Street entrance on Shell Corner with a few plantings, as they patiently wait for Coles HQ to confirm the winning landscaping tender to complete their project.


Naming just a few, the Tailem Bend Bakery along with Tailem Bend Foodland have improved their Main Street appeal – with volunteers desperately waiting to see what plans Eudunda Farmers HQ have for their remaining undressed windows.


Dickson’s Reserve and the Tailem Bend iconic Water Tower is under consideration for a spruce up, along with the towns two Princes Highway entrances, the Tailem Bend Progress Association’s Tailem Topics Community Notice Board has finally arrived and hopefully will be installed to meet the unofficial August 26 deadline.


With volunteers initially concerned about Tailem Bends high traffic areas, the Coorong District Council removed graffiti and tags from the Rail Yard carriages, fixed a number of issues at the Tailem Info Station, while some wait for a few Sun seeking holidaying volunteers to arrive back home to complete the plantings at the Tailem Bend Anglican Church corner. (lol)

Tatty old, no longer relevant signage has been removed, some Princes Highway green hose barriers have been removed (With more to come) Highway median strips have been cleaned up and plans are at foot to see the refurbishment of Carslake Corner.

Our established gardens continue to look green and are a credit to the staff that maintain them, Main Street Banners have been improved, some potholes have been filled, public watering systems have been repaired and even a shelter has been installed in the towns well used Dog Park.

Things are looking rosy for Tailem Bend as it prepares for what will most likely be the biggest event in Tailem Bend for some time – well until the Australian Jamboree in Jan 2019.

Some projects have been completed, others are still in progress, however a few remain un-adopted and, most probably, these unloved eye-sores with no be ready before August 26 – hopefully they will be ready before the Australian Jamboree in Jan 2019.


If you would like to support the beautification of Tailem Bend email your details to  or phone 0413 645 099.

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