Another success story rolls out of Tailem Bend

The word is out, with travelers from near and far visiting Tailem Bend to experience Little Local Co’s unique blend of Ngarrindjeri and Fijian Indian inspired fare – all served by incredible caring locals.

20180523_Glenn Power_LITTLE_LOCAL_KITCHEN_ S 5180

Having brought their ‘sweet’ magic to Tailem Bend’s Main Street, the dynamic duo of Amy and Neil Chinsami are set to be opening their second café in early July, 2018.

Little Local Kitchen situated at 20 Princes Highway, Tailem Bend (previously Café 20b) will see Amy and Neil crafting Coorong and Lower Lakes seasonal ingredients into gastronomic delights. Employing eight additional local people, Little Local Co is another success story to roll out of Tailem Bend.

“It’s always been about creating delicious treats and delightful refreshments and now with the opening of our second café, we can bring our passion for distinctive cuisine to breakfast and lunch as well,” Amy said.

Little Local Co uses their unique heritage to create quality produce, ranging from coffee, Golden Wattle cold-brew coffee, gourmet cakes, platters and a range of chocolates infused with native flavors and with the opening of their new shop, light tempting meals.

Both Neil and Amy have a passion for food and believe great food should be shared with as many people as possible – “We can’t wait to start serving breakfasts and lunches from our highway kitchen”.

Little Local Co café, 85 Railway Terrace and Little Local Kitchen, 20 Princes Highway, Tailem Bend – sharing great food.

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