Tailem’s Amazing April

With Easter, the Karoonda Fair, The Bend Members Cruise, home Football & Netball games, the Tailem Bend Race Day Celebration Fair, Youth Week, Shannon Nationals, Superbike Riders Meet & Greet, Australian Superbike and Asia Road Racing Championships, ANZAC Day, the GT Sprint and the SA Time Attack, along with all the normal community meetings and activities, April in Tailem Bend is going to be amazing – and it’s a sign of what is to come.

With so much happening and possible limited personal funds, members of the Tailem Bend Auto Club, believe they’ve come up with a solution to finding an affordable way to soak up all the excitement of The Bend at very little cost – become a volunteer Motorsport Marshal.


Tailem Bend Auto Club member, Ashleigh Clothier of Tailem Bend, having a chat with  SAFMA Secretary, Mike Morris of Windsor Gardens, during the Tailem Bend Auto Club’s March meeting, Tuesday, March 20 at the Tailem Bend Football Clubrooms.


Most Marshalling training is done on the job, you get close to the action (on and off the track) and you are hydrated and fed extremely well during and after racing – most of all, you become a respected member of the racing fraternity.

No Marshal’s, No Racing, FACT – Motorsport and all its associated benefits rely heavily on Volunteer Marshals to get races up and running safely.

The explosion of additional races in South Australia (Up from 22 in 2017 to 42 in 2018 with more coming) has created a huge demand for Volunteer Marshals – with this in mind President, Lynton Piggott and Photographer, Glenn Power of the Tailem Bend Auto Club invited the South Australian Motorsport Racing Officials Association (SAMROA (Cars)) and South Australian Flag Marshalling Association (SAFMA (Motorcycling) to their club meeting, Tuesday, March 21.

“As soon as I heard that The Bend Motorsport Park was coming to town I began volunteering as a Flag Marshal for both car and motorcycling events as it was obvious to me that I would not be able to afford tickets to everything I wanted to see at The Bend,” Glenn said. “It’s been interesting, a lot of fun, I’ve made some good friends, along with some fantastic business contacts and it’s allowed me to get up close and personal for some exceptional photographs – of course that’s when I’m not waving my flag.”

The Tailem Bend Auto Club secured a number of additional Volunteer Flag Marshals on their meeting night, but many more are needed – if you would like to help secure the future of Motorsport in our state, register an interest with The Bend Motorsport Park via their website (thebend.com.au) or directly contact either SAMROA (Cars) Darren Mattiske on 0412 823 171 or SAFMA (Motorcycling) Tony Fountain on 0488 682 387.

*Notice – if you can’t get out to the track for the Australian Superbike and Asia Road Racing Championships why not drop into SA Motorcycles, Princes Highway, Tailem Bend for their FREE BBQ and Superbike Rider Meet and Greet night from 6 pm, Friday April 20 – bring the family, as riders will be posing for photographs and signing posters for everyone.

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