Enlightening Community Meeting

Hundreds of residents from all over the Coorong District joined Equis Energy at their Community Information Session on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 – many discovering that Tailem Bend’s exciting Solar Farm Project was commencing that very same month.

20180206_Glenn Power _TAILEM_BEND_SOLAR_FARM_ s 3155 (3)

Equis Energy, Asia-Pacific’s largest renewable energy Independent Power Producer (IPP), announced that they had finally achieved financial closure on its 127 MW Tailem Bend Solar Project. (Tailem Solar)

Key highlights from the meeeting:

  • Construction is due to commence in February 2018 and the $200m project is expected to begin delivering power to the grid in the first quarter of 2019.
  • Equis has signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Snowy Hydro Limited under which Snowy Hydro will purchase 100% of the power from Tailem Solar for at least 22 years.
  • Tailem Solar will be one of the lowest cost solar projects in Australia and will create hundreds of jobs, training opportunities and economic growth within Tailem Bend and surrounding local communities.
  • Equis is also developing Tailem Bend 2, a 111 MW solar project adjacent to Tailem Solar

David Russell, Equis Energy Director, said, “Australia represents one of the most exciting solar power generation markets globally and Equis expects to build over $1 billion of new projects over the next 24-36 months.

As Asia’s largest renewable energy developer, Equis is able to leverage its economies of scale to deliver large scale, low-cost, reliable renewable energy, which Australia needs, as well as providing employment opportunities and supporting economic growth in local communities.”

20180206_Glenn Power _TAILEM_BEND_SOLAR_FARM_ s 3155 (1)

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