Gloves Off – Saving Medical Facilities

Patricia Wehl-Connolly of Tailem Bend writes to Tailem Topics calling for an urgent public meeting to save our  region’s medical and hospital facilities, as Tailem Topics reporter, Bob Shurville of Tailem Bend, reports that the Tailem Bend Pharmacy is financially weathering a 25% decrease in Pharmaceutical Prescriptions.

Patricia’s letter to the Editor is a call out to all, especially the normally silent majority, in our region to get behind a public meeting to let Country Health SA, the Coorong District Council and our current local member know that we’re not happy and we want action with results.

We’re told that in the past, the regions residents blocked the Princes Highway to save the Tailem Bend Hospital – this is a call to arms, if you wish to be part of the steering committee for the public meeting, please phone Patricia Wehl-Connolly 8572 3975.



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