Twenty Questions – Twenty Days

The Coorong District Council (CDC) responds to questions received from the Coorong Ratepayers Action Group. (CRAG)

With so many important questions and detailed responses, over the next twenty days I will share one CRAG question and one CDC response every day.

Please feel free to reply with respectful, constructive comments and I will try to follow up on the most pressing issues.

Question 18 – Why am I being charged CWMS for vacant land when it states in the LG Act that this is to be discouraged as it creates inequity where those without a system are subsidising those who have a system?


Answer: The relevant legislative code states that it is a council’s policy decision to determine if there is any differentiation between vacant and occupied properties as per the Local Government Act 1999. The Act provides the legislative framework for councils to determine the most equitable way in which to charge their ratepayers and dependent on the particular issues faced by that council.

A high number of the Coorong District Council’s populace resides in the lower socio-economic strata and the majority of these members of the community live in (occupy) their properties. Due to the impact of the CWMS costs to the ratepayers who occupy their properties, taking into account the socio-economic impacts and the high number of vacant properties in the area, Council has determined that the burden to ratepayers with houses on properties, would be too great if vacant land owners were effectively provided a discount.


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