Twenty Questions – Twenty Days

The Coorong District Council (CDC) responds to questions received from the Coorong Ratepayers Action Group. (CRAG)

With so many important questions and detailed responses, over the next twenty days I will share one CRAG question and one CDC response every day.

Please feel free to reply with respectful, constructive comments and I will try to follow up on the most pressing issues.

Question Six – My septic has not been emptied for 10 years, I have emptied it myself, will I be reimbursed?

Beware of Dog

Answer: Council requires specific details to comment. Pump outs may have been missed if land owners failed to grant suitable access to a property, had dogs unsecured or failed to expose their lids for the contractors. In these instances, the contractor generally follows up with the land owner with letters or calling cards, or later tries again to access the property. Traditionally residents have generally contacted Council when their septic tanks have required desludging, which Council has organised as part of the service charge.


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