Progress Not Politics

What’s happening in our Murray Darling Basin?

Questions asked of our Shadow Minister for Environment & Water, Tony Burke MP.

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Dear Glenn,

Thanks for emailing me about the Murray Darling Basin. The ABC’s Four Corners program last week was shocking. If it’s true, that environmental water paid for by the tax payer is being pumped back into irrigation channels and dams, then the entire reform is in jeopardy.

We need to make sure these practices and any complicit behaviour from government officials is uncovered, exposed and stopped. Malcolm Turnbull has proposed a process that cannot compel witnesses to appear, does not allow evidence to be taken under oath, does not allow documents to be compelled and will not protect whistle-blowers.

That is why I am still calling for a judicial inquiry.

I’ll be presenting a petition to Parliament next week to call for judicial inquiry through the COAG process.

Please sign my petition to add your name to the community of people who will defend the Murray Darling Basin.

When Labor was in Government we got the Murray Darling Basin Plan in place after a century of conflict and the entire plan is now at risk.

The purpose of the reform was to restore the system to health, but the plan becomes meaningless if there is no integrity to the system for measuring water.

The Murray Darling Basin plan must be delivered in full and on time if there is any hope for the health of the basin.

As Environment Minister I worked tirelessly to get this Plan in place and fought hard to get all the states on board. I want your help to fight for the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Can you sign the petition to show your support?

I will keep you updated on further developments as they occur.


Tony Burke


Dear Tony,

Thankyou for your reply – this is a national issue that requires all parties to forget politics and think about our nation.

Looking forward to being kept up to date with PROGRESS not politics.


Glenn Power

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