Patients Join forces For Pool

Glenn Power MB_POOL_1362

With so much community support over the years, community groups, patients and care givers rally to support the future of the regions much needed, Indoor Rehabilitation Heated Pool and Spa at Murray Bridge, Acting Director, Riverland Mallee Coorong Region, Tanya Lehmann replies to questions asked:

  • With up to 3,200 patients using the Murray Bridge Indoor Rehabilitation Heated Pool and Spa each month, some from as far as the South East, is SA Health planning on closing the facility at the end of 2018?

REPLY – No comment

  • What is SA Health’s plans for the facility?

REPLY – No comment

  • If the facility is to be closed, what does SA Health suggest the users of the pool do for their rehabilitation?

REPLY – No comment

  • Are there any plans to fix the heated spa, connected to the indoor pool?

Glenn Power MB_POOL_1363

REPLY – The spa bath co-located alongside the swimming pool at the Murray Mallee Community Health Service is currently closed due to a mechanical fault. The spa area has been sealed off and a decision is pending regarding the best way to proceed with the costly and complex repairs. There have been no changes to access for the other swimming pool facilities. Currently no SA Health patients use the spa as part of a therapy plan.

If you would like to voice your concerns and request transparent, open, frank communications from SA Health contact Karen McCormack via email on .

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