Raising Eyebrows


As cost saving initiatives continue to be run out across South Australia, the sale of Tailem Bend’s historic Lutheran Church has raised eyebrows as questions continue to be asked about the future of Tailem Bend’s medical facilities.

Situated on two large blocks, on the corner of Seymour and East Terrace, Tailem Bend, concerns are being aired by locals as to where proceeds from the sale of the historic church are going.


With the assets of the old Tailem Bend Community Hospital being transferred to SA Health some time ago, residents can now be assured by the statement below from the Acting Regional Director, Riverland Mallee Coorong, Tanya Lehmann that all money raised from this asset sale will remain in Tailem Bend.

“The Coorong Health Advisory Council (HAC) sold the Tailem Bend Lutheran Church at auction last month for $134,000, freeing up valuable funds for investment in local health services,” Tanya said. “The HAC will use the money to upgrade local health services, including staff facilities at the Tailem Bend District Hospital, which haven’t been upgraded since the 1960s – money will also be spent upgrading the town’s doctor lodgings.”

“The Tailem Bend Medical Practice building, which is a HAC-owned asset, will not be sold, however, Country Health SA is in negotiations with prospective future operators of the medical practice,” Tanya said. “We look forward to the positive impact and fresh energy new operators will bring, and trust that the local community will get behind the revamped practice.”

“We are grateful for the support of the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency which has supplied locums to Tailem Bend for the past 18 months, enabling us to maintain medical services in town – thanks also to the dedicated staff at Tailem Bend District Hospital for continuing to provide health care and vital services to the local community.”

“We are committed to maintaining medical services in Tailem Bend and look forward to making an announcement about the new operators of the Tailem Bend Medical Practice in the near future,” Tanya said. “As previously confirmed, Country Health SA has no plans to close Tailem Bend District Hospital.”

Obviously, with letters still being banded about between concerned Tailem Bend residents, the Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick MP JP and the Minister of Health, Jack Snelling MP, some residents of Tailem Bend remain worried about the future of their medical facilities.


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