Beyondblue Joins The Wave


With Beyondblue’s Chief Executive Officer, Julia Gillard,  currently overseas and Chairman, Jeff Kennett, currently engaged in important business negotiations, Tailem Bend’s “Waving for Wellbeing” committee are looking forward to meeting with the Victorian based beyondblue team in the coming months to brainstorm a national “Waving for Wellbeing” strategic plan.

Beyondblue team member, Cherie Donnellan of Hawthorn, Victoria, believes that waving to people keeps community members connected and supports mental wellbeing and confidence.

“Waving can be an ice breaker to start a conversation with somebody about how they are going,” Cherie said. “It’s an opportunity for a person who is struggling, to reach out and talk about any mental health concerns – talking about the way you are feeling is the first step to feeling better.”

“Starting a conversation with someone you know is also an opportunity to make plans for interesting and enjoyable activities,” Cherie said. “When you are managing a mental health condition, it’s important to do activities you enjoy as a way to improve your mood, reduce stress and feel connected with family and friends.”

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