Riding the Wave

20170609_GlennPower_RCOMB_WELLINGTON_FULL_MOON_ S 2314

Pictured – Paul Makin of Channel Seven’s “Today Tonight” filming Peter Squires and cousin, Coorong District Council, Mayor, Neville Jaensch both of Tailem Bend.


With six locals taking their lives in the past eighteen months, Tailem Bend’s ‘Waving for Wellbeing’ committee hits the ground running after their   innovative mental health campaign is aired on Channel Seven’s ‘Today Tonight’, Wednesday June 21, 2017.

South Australian presenter Paul Makin, a media veteran of over forty years, is extremely proud to be witnessing the birth of what could become a national mental health initiative, started from the simple act of waving and greeting one another on the streets of Tailem Bend.

20170609_GlennPower_RCOMB_WELLINGTON_FULL_MOON_ S 2342

Delrae Thomas of Alice Springs sharing a wave while visiting local friends outside the Tailem Bend Post Office.


Whether it be waving to a friend, a tourist, your neighbour or colleagues, or even your fans –  the act of greeting someone with a “Hi”, “Gidday” or farewell with “See Ya”, “Take care” or even a “Cheerio for now”, brings a smile to the face and makes one feel wanted.

Like a barrier to heart felt communication, finding the right words can sometimes be difficult and sometimes words don’t seem to be enough, but a gentle touch, holding of a hand or a simple wave can do wonders.

With our world getting faster and even more demanding, the simple act of waving makes us all feel better – when we see others waving, greeting one another  with a smile and a ‘Gidday’, we all feel a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

20170609_GlennPower_RCOMB_WELLINGTON_FULL_MOON_ S 2340

Bec Nagel and her family of Tailem Bend waving on their way to buy some groceries.


With so many in the Community affected in some way by suicide, depression or anxiety, a simple wave can do so much for our well being – get on board now and wave – the more often you do it, the easier it becomes.

If you would like to lend a hand to the ‘Waving for Wellbeing’ committee contact the committee on 0413 645 099.

2 thoughts on “Riding the Wave

  1. The Bush Buskateers education program is designed to teach these good old Aussie values we need your support. I am planning a trip to Tailem Bend and would appreciate a meeting with beyond blue representatives if at all possible.


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