Keen International Wavers

Meeting each other on the road whilst cycling through Kyrgyzstan (North east of Afghanistan) Max Peer of Austria and Audrey Lemelin of French Canada spent the night at the Tailem Bend Football Club on their way to Darwin – their final Australian destination, June 1, 2017.

Peddling through Tailem Bend’s ‘Waving for Wellbeing’ campaign, has been a light bulb experience for Audrey, a Canadian Occupational Mental Health Therapist.

20170601_GlennPower_CR_MENINGIE_COORONG_CABINS_S 2120

“What a wonderful, simple idea, we’ll be taking this concept with us on our travels and I’ll definitely employ it back home – whenever we finally get back there,” Audrey said.

Cycling Europe, Scandinavia, along the Mediterranean, through Canada, the USA, Latin America, South East Asia, China, Japan, then New Zealand and now Australia – the couple are keen wavers.

20170601_GlennPower_CR_MENINGIE_COORONG_CABINS_ S 2118

“We’re now off to Adelaide via the Wellington Courthouse Café, the Langhorne Creek Wine District, then onto Strathablyn – destination Darwin, via Alice Springs.”

With plans underway to cycle the continent of Africa, you can follow Max and Audrey  on their current Blog and if you would like to see more check out their home page at

“Please keep waving, it can be a lonely planet and a simple wave does so much.”

20170601_GlennPower_CR_MENINGIE_COORONG_CABINS_ S P 2117

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