TB Roadside Appeal

With daily construction progress at The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend locals seriously begin to look at their highway appeal to passing traffic and tourists.

Feeling the town’s pine post, wire and garden hose barrier fences are well past their use-by date, Rob Hughes of Tailem Bend is taking the lead with his family’s Princes Highway rock garden.

20170405_Glenn Power_S 0006

Robert Hughes of Tailem Bend proudly standing, spade in hand, at his families highway rock garden, Wednesday, April 4, 2017.


“The garden hose barrier fences were a good economic idea at the time, but as they’re starting to fall apart – now is a good time to look at what can be done to improve our town’s curb appeal,” Robert said.

Questioning the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI) and the Coorong District Council about the state of the barriers the DPTI confirmed that the DPTI is responsible for maintaining the fences within the highway median strips and the Coorong District Council is responsible for the fencing running along the service roads.

20170405_Glenn Power_S 9994

The DPTI said that they are currently removing the fences, as they become damaged, along Tailem Bend’s Princes Highway median strips, however, they do not have any plans to replace the fencing at this time.

The Coorong District Council’s, Director of Infrastructure and Assets, David Mosel, confirmed that the fencing, adjacent to the highway is indeed under their care and control, however any changes or alterations must be done in consultation with the DPTI – and immediate changes are currently being considered with alternative measures and materials.

“Ongoing and more permanent changes are being considered as part of the Tailem Bend Streetscape Study Plan with the plan likely going out to consultancy within six weeks,” David said. “However, the extent of works undertaken relies on our ability to gain external funding and favourable ratio matching funding contributions.”

So with this in mind, please feel free to report any broken or damaged barrier fences along Tailem Bend’s Princes Highway median strips to the DPTI and hopefully we’ll see the culmination of the Coorong District Council’s streetscape plans soon.

In the meantime, if you wish to move things along personally, possibly with your own beautiful highway garden, feel free to contact Tailem Business & Tourism member Glenn Power on 0413 645 099.

“Maybe a family could adopt a barrier rock and maintain their own personal highway garden,” Glenn said.

20170405_Glenn Power_S 0000

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