Prime Focus On Tailem Bend

Armed with a strong practical understanding of his cameras and equipment, Tailem Bend Photographer, Doug Stilgo, has begun to share his skills with the Tailem Bend Football Club.

20170520_Glenn Power_TBFC_Juniors_ s 1912

Joining the Tailem Bend Photography Group early last year, Doug has built his knowledge and confidence to the point that he is now the official 2017 Team Photographer for the Tailem Bend Football Club.

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Images taken by Glenn Power while with Doug at the Tailem Bend Football Club Ladies Day, Saturday, May 20 2017.


Doris Connolly of Tailem Bend, also a member of the Photography Group, has taken up the group’s challenge of organising gardens to be photographed, in and around Tailem Bend – aptly named ‘Gardens of Tailem’.

20170521_Glenn Power_TBPG_JOYCE_MEDLOW_GARDEN_ S 1974

Visiting gardens for the purpose of learning and developing their photographic skills the group intends to showcase the beauty that can be found around Tailem Bend – the community will be privy to their work via monthly contributions to Tailem Topics.

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The Tailem Bend Photography Group meets at 7 pm on the first Wednesday of the month at the Tailem Bend Community Centre.

The group have numerous photographic field trips each month with a prime focus on providing imagery for their communities – for more details phone Glenn Power on 0413 645 099.

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