‘Gardens of Tailem’ unveiled

20170521_Glenn Power_TBPG_JOYCE_MEDLOW_GARDEN_ S P 2006

Words by Barbie Power, Images by Glenn Power

20170521_Glenn Power_TBPG_JOYCE_MEDLOW_GARDEN_ S 1972

Doris Connolly of Tailem Bend, unveiling Tailem Bend Photography Group’s ‘Gardens of Tailem’ project at Joyce Medlow’s delightful Tailem Bend garden, Sunday May 21, 2017.

Treated to delicious freshly baked scones, served with lashings of homemade apricot jam and thick cream, the group enjoyed a perfect Autumn morning in the Tailem Bend garden of Joyce Medlow.

A special thanks goes to Joyce for allowing the group to invade her ‘pride and joy’ and for ordering perfect weather for the group’s first ‘Gardens of Tailem’ assignment.

Joyce’s garden has several ‘garden rooms’ such as her fern lined atrium, which add to the joy of exploration – you just don’t know what may be around the next corner, could it be some unusual native orchids, or perfect miniature succulents?

Joyce’s stunning garden is a tribute to her hard work and love of gardening – attributes I’m sure shared with her husband, Neville.

The Tailem Bend Photography Group will be photographing their second garden in the ‘Gardens of Tailem’ project on Sunday, June 11.

For more details phone Glenn Power on 0413 645 099.

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