Hundred Year Highway Pearl

20170323_Glenn Power CDC_TINTINARA_2_S 9320

Coomandook General Store owners, Di and Dave Pollard, standing outside their highway pearl – obviously they’ve been to Tailem recently and caught the highly infectious ‘Wave’.

The Coomandook General Store, situated on the Dukes Highway at Coomandook, was built in 1905 to service local farmers and the passing trade – mainly horse and cart in those days, with perishables being kept in a dry cellar under the store.

With time the little store added a local post office and began suppling fuels – which were originally decanted from large 44 gallon drums by a hand pump, then came underground fuel tanks with hand pumped bowsers.

The Store’s local farm goods, groceries and mail arrived by train and were delivered to the railway station opposite the store. (It’s still there today)

Then the age of electricity arrived in Coomandook and bowsers became auto pump. With power, also came refrigeration and cooling, allowing the business to introduce frozen goods and drinks. (In the mid 70’s the store became a popular liquor outlet)

20170323_Glenn Power CDC_TINTINARA_2_9324

Mail ready to collect, Di Pollard of the Coomandook General Store prepares a regular pick up for a local farmer.

The Coomandook General Store now handles a range of every day hardware and auto accessories and is still servicing the area after more than a hundred years.

Some of the locals have known the store all their life, as they are fourth and fifth generation customers, and it’s because of their support the Coomandook General Store has survived while most other country general stores (and several surrounding towns) have vanished.

20170323_Glenn Power CDC_TINTINARA_2_S 9328

Store owner, Dave Pollard, receiving another order of auto accessories at his historic Coomandook General Store.

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