Chance Ghostly Encounter

20170429_Glenn Power_COOKES_PLAINS s g (12)

Who would have thought that I would stumble across a one in a million story about a Cooke’s Plains Overseer and his deadly pet Magpie, while photographing the historic proposed town of Bedford – near what we now know as Cooke’s Plains, on Saturday, May 29, 2017.

Uncovering the forgotten broken headstone of Robert Anderson of Bedford, lying partly buried under soil, Onion Weed and old Veldt Grass, the image was added to my weekend Blog – not knowing that it would be seen by the long lost Great Grand Daughter, Rosemary Baxter of Adelaide, holidaying in Murray Bridge.


Sitting by chance opposite Kathleen and Harry Kromwyk of Tailem Bend on Murray Bridge’s  Captain Proud Paddle Boat chatting about, of course, Tailem Bend rail history – Kathleen shared my post with her new found friend, Rosemary.

Rosemary couldn’t contain her excitement, explaining to Kathleen, that she had finally found the resting place of her late Great Grandfather, Robert Anderson.

20170429_Glenn Power_BEFORD_CEMETRY (14)

Don’t miss the next issue of Tailem Topics to read more about the fascinating story of the McFarlane Overseer, Grandpa Robert Anderson and his deadly pet Magpie that unintentionally took his life.

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