Lake Indawarra – A Snorkelling Mecca

Tintinara’s Lake Indawarra is a magnificent community restoration and revegetation story.


Located on the western side of the railway line in Tintinara, the man-made lake was originally created by railway workers in 1905 as a rubble pit for local railway construction.

Lake Indawarra is now an important part of Tintinara’s identity, a popular place for locals and travellers to picnic, camp, swim or paddle a canoe.

Early in its life, the lake unexpectedly filled with a smelly sulphur rich sediment, which soon turned it into the town dump, until in 2007, the Tintinara Area School, with the support of various community groups, decided to clean it up.

Digging out a portion of the build-up of sediment, students put aside one day every week to plant trees and create picnic spots around the lake – they given the diverse range of aquatic plants and colourful algae that has established even built a small island in the middle and named it “Bird Island”.

Finally, Lake Indawarra is once again a safe picturesque place and is ideal for a relaxing picnic or any water sport.

Kayaking is popular and the snorkelling is memorable, itself across the lake floor – there’s also plenty of damselfly larvae to spot, along with the breeding ducks on Bird Island.

With free lakeside camping and community plans to reintroduce indigenous fish back into the body of water, you must stop at Lake Indawarra on the Duke’s Highway, Tintinara.

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