DPTI Responds

Along the Princes Highway in Tailem Bend there are a number of treated pine post, wire and garden hose barrier fences. Some are in between lanes on the medium strips on Princes Highway and others are between the service roads and the Princes Highway.

Question – Who is responsible for the up keep of these barrier fences?

Answer – DPTI is responsible for maintaining the fences within the median. Council maintains the fencing that runs along the service roads.

Question – If they were to be replaced who would have to be contacted?

Answer – DPTI is removing the fences along the median as they become damaged. Council should be contacted regarding the fences that run along the service road.

Question – Given the size of the shrubs on the service roads are they necessary now?

Answer – Refer to comment above.

Question – What would your office recommend be put in there place?

Answer – There are no current plans to replace the fencing within the medians.

Thanks to Tom Dougherty of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure for his response – more details in the next issue of Tailem Topics.

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