Batting for Anzac tour

20170423_Glenn Power_MB_RSL_CRICKET_S 0756

Thirteen year old, Marcus Towill (Representing the MTCA X1) and his sister, 11 year old Chelsea Towill both of Jervois (Representing the RSL X1) going into bat during the Murray Bridge RSL ANZAC Sport Carnival’s junior cricket challenge – held this morning at the Wanderers Cricket Club, Murray Bridge Showgrounds, Sunday April 23, 2017.

20170423_Glenn Power_MB_RSL_CRICKET_S 0759

Australia continues to commemorate the Centenary of Anzac, marking 100 years since our nation’s involvement in the First World War.

During this period, braches of the RSL throughout the country have commemorated numerous events where Australian servicemen and women served.

The Centenary of Anzac, especially on ANZAC Day, is a time when our experiences of war and conflict during the First World War and over the last one hundred years receives our attention and analysis.

It is also a time for Australians to contemplate the legacy of those who have gone before them over the last century, and those who never returned to their families and friends.

20170423_Glenn Power_MB_RSL_CRICKET_S 0762

Lest We Forget – have a wonderful ANZAC Day.

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