Never give up – Never throw in the towel

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A never give up attitude brings personal training and circuit classes to the shores of Lake Albert with ‘Never Fold Fitness’ opening its doors at the Meningie Football Club on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

After a tragic motorcycling accident in October 2010, a young Scott Liebelt of Meningie found himself in a place he had never considered, but with the support of family, friends and his community, Scott is back on track.

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“Yeah, I started riding dirt bikes when I was about ten, I played footy as well, but after awhile I became more interested in bikes – so at 18 I quit footy to concentrate on my riding,” Scott said. “Back then, there wasn’t even a motocross club in Meningie, so my mates and I took to local scrub tracks and eventually we made our own full size track at our place.”

With a land grant from the Coorong District Council in 2005, the Meningie Motocross Club was opened. Without hesitation, Scott joined the committee and began to race at every opportunity – usually coming a comfortable third in most of the club races.

Eventually, with the encouragement of one of his keen mates, Scott began to travel throughout South Australia competing in all the Clubman MX rounds.

“It was a great time, we were exposed to much better riders and lots of different tracks – some of the rounds had a gate of 40 riders, which is massive compared to the five or ten riders at local rounds,” Scott said. “In the Clubman MX rounds I would usually finish in the top ten – I recall my best, was sixth place.”

Growing up on a small 100 acre property, six kilometres west of Meningie, Scott’s family ran a few beef cattle – his mum worked at the local chemist and his dad worked full time as council grader operator with most of his weekends taken up by part time tiling.

Working part time at two local dairies while at school, Scott left school in 2003 to take up full time work on another dairy, before the Dairy Industry began shutting down around his home town of Meningie.

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“My accident in 2010 changed my life in a massive way, going from an active 25 year old to being told you might never walk again, is not something I would wish upon anyone,” Scott said. “I didn’t let it get me down though, from day one I was surrounded by family, friends and most of all, my girlfriend Tash, who helped me keep my head in the right space.”

“I was in Hampstead Rehabilitation Hospital for five months, physio every day and hit the gym as hard as I could,” Scott said. “When I thought I had got all that I could from Hampstead, I began to look elsewhere to further my recovery – finding a place called ‘Project Walk’ in California, I took off to learn how I could train myself.”

“I have always been into training to keep myself fit for riding and since my accident I have found gym training has replaced my love for bikes.”

Completing his Certificate Four in Personal Training, Scott began training people from his shed, at home. “My shed wasn’t lined, it was so hot during summer and my regulars really didn’t enjoy competing with the flies, so my good mate and now business partner Sam Rasheed and I thought it would be great to see Meningie with its own gym,” Scott said. “We started researching the market with an online survey and the rest is history – the area was screaming out for a gym.”

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Hearing that the Meningie Football Club was building a new change room complex, Scott and Sam popped the question to the club about leasing some space for their gym.

Never Fold Fitness has been trading for just on one month and already Pilates and Yoga is on the cards – Scott and Sam’s attitude of never throwing in the towel in business, friendship or in life, shines through in every class.

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Never Fold Fitness, with its brand new and fully equipped facilities, is located at the Meningie Football Club on the Narrung Road – offering membership with swipe card access between the hours of 5am and 10pm.

For more details phone Scott Liebelt on 0458 566 083.

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