Locals doing their bit

20170405_Glenn Power_S 0006

Rob Hughes of Tailem Bend proudly standing next to is Princes Highway garden, Wednesday, April 4, 2017.

With regional development and increased tourism high on Tailem Bend’s agenda, local business and residents question the towns highway appeal.

Feeling that the treated pine post, wire and garden hose barrier fences between lanes on the medium strip on Princes Highway and between the service roads and the Princes Highway are an eye sore, most would like to see the barriers fixed, or better still, replaced with something that will improve Tailem Bend’s highway presence.

Questioning the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure and the Coorong District Council we ask;

Who is responsible for the up keep of these barrier fences?

20170405_Glenn Power_S 9994

If barriers were to be replaced, who would have to be contacted?

20170405_Glenn Power_S 0003

Given the size of the shrubs on the service roads, are they still necessary? and

20170405_Glenn Power_S 9993

What would you recommend to be put in their place?

20170405_Glenn Power_S 0000

Have your say by writing to the Editor of Tailem Topics (by putting your note in the red box at the Tailem Bend Post Office) or email tailemtopics@gmail.com.

Answers to these questions and more in the next issue of Tailem Topics.

20170405_Glenn Power_S 0007

Rob Hughes of Tailem Bend standing next to one of many old signs in his collection and talking about good memories of old times.

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