Infamous Class of 79 Reunite

Tailem Bend Primary School’s notorious class of 1979 secretly slipped into town, meeting at the Riverside Hotel, Tailem Bend, Saturday, March 4, 2017.

Taking over the hotel, under the watchful eye of hotelier, Mark Jericho, the group had a fantastic night recalling stories and antics of years gone by.

20170304_Glenn Power_TBPS_CLASS_OF_79_S 7925

They laughed about the time their school camping trip to Swan Hill was washed out and being forced to sleep in a spare classroom at the Swan Hill TAFE, while other classes were being held in nearby rooms.

The gang chuckled about the smell of smoke on the day that their teacher, Allison Lynch, forgetting it was no longer summer, inadvertently sat on the classroom oil heater, burning a huge hole in her dress.

The boys also raved about Scalextic racing with Rick Whitehead in his lounge room on a built to scale Bathurst racing circuit.

20170304_Glenn Power_TBPS_CLASS_OF_79_S 7933

Neil Zander of Tailem Bend, also remembered  being at the wrong end of Headmaster Neville Gotch’s Beach Bat, with all of the other boys in the gang, at a special assembly.

“Ignoring the repeat warnings to stop playing British Bulldog wasn’t a really good idea in hindsight,” Neil said, “Only the guys with broken bones and concussions from the game, escaped Mr Gotch’s punishment”.

The posse received a narrated tour of the Main Street and highway, by Amanda Guerin (Nee Gower) – taking in special sites such as “Griffs 4-Square” and the old chemist shop, where the shell car park now stands.

Plans are already underway for another reunion in two years – Neil Zander may need that much time to recover.

20170304_Glenn Power_TBPS_CLASS_OF_79_s 7943

*Neil was only kidding, once a Music Hall performer always a Music Hall performer.

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