Historians Grouped, Primed and Ready


Tailem Bend Historians, grouped, primed and ready to launch their plans after their last unofficial meeting at the Tailem Bend Library, Friday February 10, 2017.

From the back, Marcus Reseigh of Eudunda, Don Green, Robert Shurville, Peter Connolly, Angie Tomkinson, Maxine Kiddie, Kathryn Kromwyk ,Anna Del Rio  and Geraldine Dickson all of Tailem Bend – missing, Glenn Power who is taking the photograph.


Meeting regularly, over the past six months, at the Tailem Bend Library the Tailem Bend Historians are about to launch their grand plans to preserve Tailem Bend’s rich local and railway imagery, documentation and associated artefacts.

Staring from humble beings as a Tailem Bend Historic Rail Trail tasking group, Anna Del Rio of the Coorong District Council, Geraldine Dickson, Don Green, Peter and Bob Connolly all of Tailem Bend have witnessed the Tailem Bend Historians (TBH) grow to ten passionate volunteers.

Working closely with the Tailem Info Station, the Coorong District Council and other Tailem Bend interest groups, the TBH have finally been able to bring the town’s historic imagery together into one enormous data file.

With multiple back ups, housed in a number of suitable safe locations, the town’s irreplaceable images have been collected and stored, by TBH, Angie Tomkinson and Glenn Power both of Tailem Bend, in an easily accessible digital format – with images grouped and named to maximise online searching results on the proposed revised Tailem Bend Library website.

“We started with over 15,500 images, but after removing duplications from years of copying and sharing from various sources we now have a strong bank of about 5,500 historic digital images,” Glenn said. “I love doing this work, I often have a chuckle as I come across yet  another great shot – the collection is remarkable, I can’t wait to see them all on the Library website for all to see and share.”

Glenn and Angie hope to see the collection continually grow with the occasional drop in at the Library and a proposed annual TBH Image Road Show, possible held each year at the town’s renowned Tailem Bend Primary School Fair.

“Keep an eye out, we’re also about to launch our first TBH Facebook call out – we’re looking for Tailem Bend Scouting, Guiding, Gun and Riffle club images for Peter Connolly’s up and coming Tailem Topics stories,” Glenn said. “We’ve got a few great old shots – but we want more.”




With TBH Digital Memoirs being recorded, post cards and prints in the pipeline, some of the group are hoping to set up their own picture framing facilities near the Library to help keep TBH production costs to a minimum.

The group has also discussed a Family Heritage Gallery, Guided Bus and Walking tours, to name just a few ideas – and if you’ve been about the traps in Tailem Bend for some time be ready you may be receiving a personal invitation to participator in your very own TBH Digital Memoir.

If you would like to become a ‘Friend of Tailem Bend Historians’ why not come along to the inaugural TBH AGM to be held at the Tailem Bend Library, 10 am on Friday March 24, 2017 – for more details phone Angie Tomkinson on 0437 329 454 or drop into the Library for a chat.


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