Wellington’s Secret Garden


Here’s a few Macro snaps, using the reverse lens technique, taken during the Tailem Bend Photography Group’s first Macro photography field trip to Pangarinda Botanic Gardens, Wellington, South Australia, Sunday, February 12, 2017.

A well kept secret (but not for long) Wellington’s Pangarinda Botanic Gardens are a must see destination and only a short ferry trip to the historic Wellington Courthouse Café, the infamous Welly Hotel and the wineries of Langhorne Creek.

Fortunately it wasn’t as hot as the rest of the week, however Sunday was far too windy for Macro photography – we even got a few spots of liquid sunshine during the morning.

I’ve been trying to get my group to Pangarinda Botanic Gardens for well over 12 months, but with unseasonal weather and illness within the group this was the first chance we’ve had to visit this spectacular native garden.
Filled in Spring with, mostly Western Australian, flowering natives this weekend was definitely the wrong time of the year to see the garden at it’s best, however some beautiful blossoms were still hanging on, in spite of the season.
The Tailem Bend Photography Group is planning an annual Macro field trip to the Pangarinda Botanic Gardens commencing this September, 2017 – if you would like to join us give me a call on 0413 645 099.

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