From the Daughter of our old RSM

picture-041Hi Glenn,

I would like to thank you for the post you have made about my father, Barry Wade.

The photos are ones that we, as a family, have not seen before and it has been very nice to go through them all.

I have noticed that you have noted he died of a brain aneurysm and just wanted to ask, if possible,  if this could be corrected?

The wrong information was released initially and has led to some confusion.

He passed away from melanoma that had spread to his brain and spinal fluid.

Apologies for any confusion that was caused and thank you again for showing us a side of dad that we didn’t often experience.

Kind regards,
Elizabeth Wade

Thanks Elizabeth – you can rest assured that all of your father’s Army mates are thinking of you and your family at this time. xx  He was never a soft touch and was NEVER easy on us, but that’s the way we love our RSM’s.  He was always there if you needed an ear…… “Lest We Forget”.

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