PJ – Mr Topics

“I was only going to write one story, the rest is history”


Peter Connolly of Tailem Bend busily working from his lounge room couch to make the November deadline of Tailem Topics, Sunday, November 20, 2016.


Approached by a needy Editor in 2010, Peter Connolly of Tailem Bend, has fast become the back-bone of Tailem Bend’s respected community publication – Tailem Topics.

The envy of many country communities, Tailem Topics would not be what it is today without the interesting historic contributions of Peter Connolly. (PJ)

 “I was only going to write one story, the rest is history,” Peter said. “I definitely would be lost without all the residents, past and present, fascinating stories. You know, I’m just one of many volunteers behind the success of our Tailem Topics – we would be lost without all our delivery people.”

Peter (PJ) has also been writing Pennant Bowles Reports for well over 30 years for the Murray Bridge newspaper, The Murray Valley Standard.

“It’s a funning thing, I get a lot of fan mail these days – mostly with small corrections from their memories of event,” Peter laughs. “It’s very rewarding, sharing our towns rich history, but a lot of my words would be over looked if it wasn’t for my lovely wife’s, Doris, picture work.”

A member of the Tailem Bend Social History Group, Peter’s work (Along with others) is being utilised to help collate a substantial historic record at The Tailem Bend Primary School Library.

“I want to keep going for as long as he can, Topics is good for our town and it’s people, not forgetting it helps service groups along with local business.” Peter said. “You know, I still go to Topics for needed numbers, I know where they are – they’re there every month.”


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