Racers shifting to Tailem Bend as motor sport park gets closer

The eyes of the Australian and international racing fraternity are keenly focused on progress at The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend and the investment opportunities nearby.

Property manager Kerry Simcock of Coorong Realty said she feels the Murraylands area is primed for growth.

“The market is very bullish, our domestic customers are enjoying strong rental yields of around six to seven per cent and I would expect that to continue with robust employment prospects associated with The Bend Motorsport Park,” she said.

With property values increasing monthly and the lure of international racing on South Australia’s doorstep, superbike racer and SA Motorcycles chief executive officer Evan Byles has set up his home in Tailem Bend to fulfill his family’s life-long goals.

“Our family has always wanted to get involved in tourism,” he said.

“With my unrelenting need for speed and the lure of the largest motor sport park in the southern hemisphere being only an hour away from our Gepps Cross store, it was too much to resist – we had to jump on board and our friends are following.”

Living a hectic life in Adelaide and racing superbikes throughout Australia, Evan, his wife Cath, his head mechanic and daughter Kirsty are being joined in Tailem Bend by friend and fellow racer Laura Brown, of Sydney, a Latin American dancer and veterinarian.

Under the mentorship of twice world endurance road racing champion Warwick Nowland, Sydney’s Animal Welfare League’s head veterinarian, Laura, has also purchased land in Tailem Bend with the intention of building in early 2017.

Read the full article in the Murray Valley Standard

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