Mail arrives at the North Pole


Joyce and Neville Medlow of Tailem Bend holding the perpetual Les Scott, Tailem Bend Christmas Parade Memorial Trophy for the most community spirited float.


ThousandsĀ of elves launch into their customary mission of picking gifts as South Australian children’s Christmas mail finally arrives at Santa’s North Pole Warehouse.

With just over a month before the Tailem Bend Christmas Parade (Saturday December 17) Santa and his merry team of hard working elves definitely have their work cut out for them to meet looming deadlines.

Given threatening picking cut-off dates, positive float maintenance reports provided by North Pole envoy, Neville Medlow of Tailem Bend, were well received at Santa HQ.

Neville’s involvement in Santa’s special ride started way back, when Kevin Priess of Tailem Bend approached him about building a permanent ride for the big man’s seasonal visit.

“We had a running HJ Holden Ute in the yard, the roof was badly rusted out, but we just cut it off and Kevin took it away for a green paint spruce up and little remodelling in an attempt to meet strict North Pole international traffic regulations.”

With costs of Northern Hemisphere livestock freight escalating, Tailem Bend Music Hall Props/Painter, Roger Everad of Tailem Bend, correspond with Santa HQ to seek permission to use prop kangaroos (Boomers) in place of live Reindeer – with permission granted, Roger and Kevin had the Boomers mounted, (onto the float)

Years later Darren and Murray Lutz of Tailem Bend refashion the float to meet the ever changing and demanding North Pole OH&S regulations – it was painted blue.

The following year Tammy Shepherd of Tailem Bend approached Neville to have the old float tidied up, the auto transmission had failed, so to get things happening quickly and economically Neville kindly supplied a rebuilt VS Commodore wagon – which we have to this day.

So in true Christmas spirit, Neville and his wife Joyce, along with their grand daughter, Charli Medlow, friends Sandy Prizibilla and Tammy Shepherd took to VS Commodore in Neville’s workshop to design and build our present day float.

Grand daughter, Charli and Neville sanded and painted the wagon while Sandy, with the help of Denise McLoughlin on the brush, prepared the new “Boomers”

“I just like seeing the smiles on the faces of the children, their proud parents – and now their grand children are enjoying our float,” Neville said. “We didn’t expect to see our float judged, but last year, on the night of the parade, the Scott family of Tailem Bend selected our float as the first winner of the perpetual Les Scott Memorial Trophy for the Most Community Spirited Float.”

“I was very honoured to be presented with the trophy – it would have made Les very proud.”

The Les Scott Memorial Trophy for the Most Community Spirited Float

Les Scott tragically left us in 2015, he helped Father Christmas for years visiting the elderly in hospital, patients and staff alike, while bringing smiles to those business owners working on pageant day. Les exemplified the essence of being a volunteer, inspiring all with his infectious enthusiasm while going the extra mile in all that he undertook.

Published in Tailem Topics November 2016 issue.

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